What is Child Support?

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What is Child Support? Empty What is Child Support?

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Support and custody of children are separate issues from each other. In Arizona, either parent may be ordered to pay child support, without regard to marital misconduct, based on the following factors:

· The financial resources of the child
· The standard of living of the child during the marriage
· The physical and emotional needs of the child
· The financial resources and obligations of both parents
· Any destruction, concealment, fraudulent disposition or excessive expenditure of jointly-held property
· The needs of the child
· The duration of parenting time and any related expenses

Awards of child support are to be paid through the court unless the spouses agree otherwise. In addition, there are specific Arizona Supreme Court guidelines for child support payments available from the Clerk of any Superior Court. The amount of support established by using the official guidelines is the required amount of child support, unless the court finds that such an amount would be inappropriate or unjust.

Both parents have the legal obligation to support a child, both during and after a divorce.
Arizona has a child support Clearinghouse you must pay into each month. The money is then forwarded on to the custodial parent.

Paying into a child support Clearinghouse is a very good idea, because then you have a government record of what you have paid, if there is ever a dispute as to how much you owe.

 It is never a good idea to pay the money directly to your child's other parent, even if you pay by check or money order. Money not sent to the Clearinghouse is considered a gift and not a support payment.

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