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Child Custody in General Empty Child Custody in General

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:01 pm

In all divorce proceedings with children, the parties should attempt to reach an agreement regarding custody and visitation. When a court reviews a case dealing with child custody, the first issue it will consider is whether or not it has proper jurisdiction -- the right and the power to interpret and apply the law to the child. Once this is determined the court will consider any agreement between the parties.

Child custody and visitation agreements should take into consideration:

Who will take care of the child;
How necessary decisions will be made;
How children will spend time with each of the parties; and
How the child's medical, emotional, education, physical and social needs will be met

The court than reviews this agreement and determines if they meet the best interest of the child. When agreements can not be reached a hearing is required to resolve these issues.


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