What types of custody are there?

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What types of custody are there? Empty What types of custody are there?

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There are generally 3 different types of what the court now calls "legal decision making authority" or what is commonly referred to as custody by the public. Although the specific terms regarding custody and parenting time options are numerous it depend upon your individual circumstances.

Sole Custody: This is generally where one of the parents makes all of the important decisions regarding the children (i.e. decisions regarding education, medical, religion), and where such parent has the majority of the time with the children.

Shared Physical Custody: This is where everything is essentially equal. Under such option, the parents would have equal time with the children (or very close to equal time). Generally the parents will make all important decisions together (i.e. decisions regarding education, medical, religion).

Joint Legal Custody: This is where one of the parents has more time with the children, but the other parent may have rights with regard to decision making. The parent with more time with the children is generally called the “primary residential parent”. The Parenting Plan may provide that one of the parties makes the important decisions after consulting with the other parent. The Parenting Plan may provide instead that the parties make such decisions together. There are numerous options available.

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