What are the Dangers and Pitfalls of Doing So-Called "Self Documents"?

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What are the Dangers and Pitfalls of Doing So-Called "Self Documents"? Empty What are the Dangers and Pitfalls of Doing So-Called "Self Documents"?

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Not all marriages fail for the same reason. Nor is there usually one reason for the breakdown of a particular marriage. There for there is no "one-size-fits-all" set of documents for divorce. Many divorce document form publication companies will try to mislead you into thinking there is. Doing your own divorce paperwork means hours of research through hundreds of pages of court rules and statutes, and sorting through divorce papers.

People that try to do it themselves with self-help packets thinking they have saved themselves money, only discover later that their documents were rejected by the court months later for not addressing the issues correctly. Still other's with self-help packets get their cases thrown out for not following court procedures correctly.

Although it is possible for people to represent themselves in court, they must follow the same rules and procedures as attorneys. This means that ignorance of procedures is no excuse. Any papers required to be filed with the clerk of the court must be in the proper form and filed on time. The judges, clerks and staff of the court are not permitted to give legal advice.

While there is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, it has been our experience that the average (or even above average person) who is not familiar with the Divorce preparation process has a VERY difficult time preparing their own paperwork and successfully navigating the State Family Court. Divorce cases often involve important issues about child custody and parenting time, property and debt division, or child and spousal support.

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