What is a Voidable Marriage?

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What is a Voidable Marriage? Empty What is a Voidable Marriage?

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:39 am

A voidable marriage continues until a party exercises his or her right to have it annulled. Some examples of situations that may qualify as “voidable” are:

An undissolved prior marriage,

one party being underage,

a blood relationship,

the absence of mental or physical capacity,


the absence of a valid license,


refusal of intercourse, or

fraud and misrepresentation as to religion.

The jurisdictional requirements and procedure for obtaining an annulment are the same as for a divorce. Ariz.Rev.Stat. §25-302(A).

The court will divide the property of the parties and determine matters concerning the children of the marriage. Ariz.Rev.Stat. §25-302(B).

It should be noted that legal annulments are not the same as religious annulments.
You should consult with an attorney about legal grounds for an annulment.


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